Dog Grooming for Less

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Welcome! Save $$$, Come to Our Home

We offer grooming services in our home for less than the average cost at a grooming shop.  Why do we groom from our home? The overhead costs are a whole lot cheaper, not to mention not having to pay rent at a shop! We have all the equipment necessary to complete your pets grooming safely and stress-free. All we ask is that you bring your own shampoo! 

Why choose us?

We are Academy trained through a highly known corporation and Safety Certified in Dog Grooming. We love and care for the pets and the clients as well. We are not just interested in grooming your pets to make a few bucks, our goal is to have you as a client and a friend. We love to know our clients and have a reoccuring client list of people we personally know and we love to know the dogs! Its exciting to us and your pet when we see each other every few months! We truly care about our furry friends!

Here are a few services to get you started...

Bath & More

 a professional and thorough bath, followed by a 15-minute brush out of your pets coat, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

Mini Groom

Minimal trimming around the face, paws, sanitary and outlining the body. Also known as "the hygiene groom". Also inlcudes the Bath & more service.

Full Groom

a full body haircut. Also includes the Bath & more service.

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  • "I've been going to him for 3 years and he groomed my dog spike who passed away and now grooms my new dog! I trust him more than anyone! I dont only consider him my groomer but a..."